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I grew up in Tasmania, that little heart-shaped island at the bottom of Australia. I was (and still am) a curious kid, who loved art, dance, and stories. My first job was as a story-telling fairy. 

In many ways, I'm still a story-telling fairy, but now I work for companies, helping leaders and brands tell their stories, and engage their people. While the bulk of my focus is on internal and executive communications, I also dabble in external comms and branding.


My passion is connecting people to purpose, and making complex messages simple. I believe that as a communicator, it is my job to make my stakeholders shine. I'm a trusted advisor, coach and confidant. 

My career has taken me from Australia, to Singapore, to Switzerland. I've held global and regional roles in life sciences, manufacturing and travel / entertainment. From issues management, M&A, restructuring and change initiatives, to policy, intranets and events - you name it, I've likely done it.
As a comms business partner, I juggle, prioritize and deliver, to do what's best for the organization and it's people. 

I'd love to connect and talk about how I can do what's best for your organization, and your people. 


Making complex messages simple. 

That's it. The heart of what I do. 

Maybe it's imposter syndrome, maybe it's impatience? Who knows. All I know is that there is nothing worse than making a message more complex than it needs to be. Of course, a lot of what we need to communicate is complex - especially in highly regulated, technical industries. But complex topics don't always need complex delivery. That's where I come in. I'm on a mission to help leaders keep things simple, and to help people understand.  I walk the fine line between simplification and 'dumbing down'. The world is overloaded with information, and employees are feeling that. Let's keep things simple, honest and to the point. 


Respect. Honesty. Humor. Humility. 

Fun fact: Respect was originally released by Otis Redding. Not to discredit Aretha, but I feel that's worth mentioning. It's a brilliant song, but even more brilliant as a core value - that's why it underpins everything I do. I work with people who have respect for one another, and respect for the work we do together. It's that simple. 

As for my three H's (Honesty, Humor, Humility), I hope they're pretty self-explanatory. 

These are the values that guide the way I work, and influence my communication style. 

Let's be straight-up with each other, have fun while we're doing it, and always remember to keep our egos in check. Simple.  


I wear hats. 

Not in the literal sense, or in the Edward de Bono Six Thinking Hats sense (although, love to chat about that). No, I wear the hats of the stakeholders I work for.  

As a communicator who works with leaders and executives, the most critical thing for me is capture their authenticity. To do this, I need to truly understand them - what's important for them, what makes them tick, and what do they sound like? Advising, or ghostwriting for any leader is an art and a science. And so I "wear" their hat. I immerse myself in their world, adopting their voice and capturing their essence to produce content that genuinely reflects what's on the leaders' mind. It's less creepy than it sounds, I promise. 

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